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I sent hundreds of emails to female members but got no replies. There is probably just small percent or none at all real members who would be up for meetings.

Every single female member who starts chat with you is offering a webcam service on some other website where you have to register and pay. And they spam you with automated email messages on the bediscreet.com website trying to sell out their webcam sessions on other websites. I only joined for a 3 day trial period but after that they charged me for a full month subscription.

Today is friday half past 10 and the Big general chat room in United Kingdom is unoccupied while international chat room has got only over 100 people with less than 40 percent female members and how many of them from UK? So I did not know what kind of service I was buying am I eligible for a refund?

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Tempe, Arizona, United States #1303026

am seriously looking for the right man to share my life with him.


Really??? You guys suck!!! Burn in ***!!!

Newark, California, United States #992736

I have called them 5x and they charge at will without asking. I had to have my bank security contact them and refund me.

Yes you are correct, I only had maybe 10 messages within 3 days and most scam e-mail from UK and Ghana. They again charged me 3.18 for a 3 day membership. I have called them and complained so much to stop payments.

They also charge u for registering free on many sub sites they have. Do not even register or it's ***.


I also think there is something not quite right with this site.I agree it's rife with camgirls trying to make money , scammers and fake profiles. Everytime I signup I send messages to just about every local woman on the site....

No reply! When I do get a message from someone local I reply then get ignored? I tried clean pics and naughty pics , clean chat and naughty chat and made no difference. The thing is the second my subscription runs out guess what ??

I get BOMBARDED with messages from local girls wanting me. It's just a *** to get you to signup again.

I only met one person in about three weeks, probably the ONLY real profile on the site. In a nut shell avoid this site it's a ***.

to Angry Scott Prairieville, Louisiana, United States #670018

Yo whateva feeling u had then your not alone u & I + 100's of dawgs trying to chase the cats. And we are all victims of the scams.

That *** happen to me 5yrs ago them flashback *** me the *** of. I have some tips 1 always dew ur homework 1st. 2 make a new email using the state, city or area code to wear you can sneak it in . Me I'm from cali so I say "I'm from cali living in the yay are reap'n that area code born at blah blah'.

Now the the *** may be dumb or fake same with your cell. Goodluck

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